Interested in checking out the house or spending time with the brothers?

Summer Rush

If you’re planning on attending the University of Washington after you graduate High School, contact us about Summer Rush. We have an intense summer planned and would love to hang out with you, and take you to some of the events we have going on. If you’re interested, give us a call or shoot us an email. We look forward to meeting with you.

Current Rush Chair

For currently admitted University of Washington Students interested in joining Theta Xi Fraternity, feel free to contact:

Patrick Leake: 425.749.9281

More Information

Joining a Fraternity is an excellent way to enrich the college experience. By joining Theta Xi Fraternity you will gain valuable leadership opportunities not afforded to other college students. You can learn how to balance a budget, plan a community service project, run an effective meeting, work as a team player, successfully negotiate, represent yourself and your fellow students to the University, or even help direct the operations of the national organization! And we will never ask you to do anything unless the brothers are doing the same thing, working alongside and supporting you the entire time. Theta Xi Fraternity provides you with leadership opportunities to enhance your personal development, and lets you learn from other brothers who have successfully addressed the same challenges.

You have probably heard that by joining a fraternity, you are simply buying your friends.  How does that differ from going to college, paying your tuition and housing, and becoming friends with the guys on your dorm floor? A dorm assignment gives you little choice in the matter.  Wouldn’t you rather make your own decision and chose your own friends?

Fraternities give you the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded men who are driving towards similar goals.  By joining Theta Xi at University of Washington, we will help you grow, mature, and ultimately have a more well-rounded college experience!

Theta Xi prides itself on its diverse make-up, both inside and outside the classroom.  Academically, brothers are normally spread about evenly between liberal arts, business, and engineering sciences. Outside of the classroom, each of our members shares different strengths and talents with the brotherhood, giving us many opportunities to learn about a variety of subjects.   We have an excellent alumni organization of professionals and entrepreneurs who are more than willing to assist brothers by giving career counseling or even providing employment.

Academic achievement is the primary goal of everyone in school, and we stress that fact.  A Theta Xi is more likely to have better grades than someone who is not in a fraternity. We also strive to maintain a chapter GPA that is one of the best in the fraternity system.

The requirements to join Theta Xi Fraternity are:

As a first term freshman, you ought to have at least a 3.0 high school GPA .  After your first term at University of Washington, you must have at least a 3.0 college GPA.  You also must demonstrate your leadership ability.  This can be in the form of community service work, student government, leadership in a high school or a campus organization, National Honor Society, sports clubs, or anything else that you feel can demonstrate your ability to become one of the future leaders of our Fraternity.

Men that aren’t willing to take responsibility for themselves or for others will not be asked to join Theta Xi Fraternity. Most members would agree that the more effort you put into Theta Xi, the more enrichment you get out of it.  During the associate member period, the required time commitment is no more than three hours a week; however, we expect that anyone interested in becoming a part of Theta Xi Fraternity would demonstrate his interest by coming to a few events, joining the brothers for dinner or meeting the recruitment chairs for Coffee or Bubble Tea.  The viability of the chapter depends on every man fulfilling his commitment to remain active with the brotherhood throughout his undergraduate career.

Brothers will tell you that the time commitment is reasonable, especially since the brothers of the chapter determine their lifestyle and activities.  So you will be participating in the events and programs that you have helped organize and plan.