Our Spin on Greek Life

Theta Xi shares some aspects with other fraternities on campus, but we are significantly unique and distinct in many ways. We may be a bit unorthodox for a fraternity, but we are proud of who we are. 

We do not haze. At all. When you join Theta Xi, you will never be hazed, mistreated, embarrassed, forced to consume alcohol, perform meaningless tasks, or in any other way be treated as anything less than a friend and brother.  However, you will be asked to manage a budget, help plan a community service project, represent yourself and your fellow students to the University, and maybe even help direct the operations of the national organization! Theta Xi provides you with leadership opportunities to enhance your personal development, and allows you to learn from other brothers who have faced the same challenges that you will encounter.

We are a ‘dry’ fraternity, drug and alcohol freeDrugs and alcohol are not stored or used inside of the chapter house. No part of the house budget is dedicated to spending on alcohol; instead, we use our funds for more significant activities. Our fraternity is proof that great social events don’t need alcohol for them to be worth while. Being substance free also comes with an added bonus: our house is always in good condition, which makes it a great place to live and to entertain guests that come by to visit!