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College: a time for growing and self-discovery.

Theta Xi is not just a house--it is a home for the brothers that live there. Our brotherhood is at the core of who we are. We believe every person deserves the best support system they can get in order to flourish at being who they are and what they do. Nurturing our bonds with each other is the most important aspect of fraternal life. After all, what is a Fraternity without true fraternity? 

This aspect of our chapter is solely dedicated to activities and events that focus on bringing our brothers closer together. These events come in a variety of forms. They can be as simple as an in-house Smash Bros. tournament, a movie outing, or bowling trip, or as adventurous as a skydiving trip or weekend in Canada.  


Standing together, at 150ft...

Every fall quarter, we travel together to Whistler, BC. While in Whistler, we provide one free bungee jump to each of our new members. This is a time where we stand together, and for some of us, stand up to our fears. We encourage and back each new member and brother who choose to take that leap of faith.

...and again at 15,000 ft.

In the spring, we take a trip to Shelton, WA to go on a house skydiving trip. Once again, we provide a free trip for each of the new members, and together we take on another fear that many have. This is a highlight for many brothers' whole college career, and is a great conversation starter at any cocktail party. Though the focus is not just on having a great experience to talk about with other people, the focus is on strengthening the bonds of brotherhood with each member of Theta Xi and creating relationships that will last a lifetime.