Make a tax-deductible donation online at (click link to go to website) or by mailing a check to the chapter house directly made out to the "UW Foundation" and "Theta Xi Chapter Scholarship" written on the memo line. 

In April 2015, the Upsilon Chapter of the Theta Xi Fraternity celebrated its one hundredth year at the University of Washington. For over 100 years, we have embodied the Fraternity’s mission to develop leadership, intellectual curiosity, and responsibility to chapter, college, community, and country among its members. Being a brother of Theta Xi has shaped who we are today. Our experiences here have given us the courage and the knowledge to go forth into the world as leaders and innovators. 

Recently a group of undergraduate brothers began to think about the next 100 years for Upsilon Chapter. We asked ourselves a simple question: “What is a lasting legacy we can build that will support Theta Xi through the next Centennial and beyond?” Our answer was to focus on recruiting motivated classes of new members who already align with our shared values of academic success, leadership, and responsibility. These men who already have a demonstrated propensity to get involved and stay involved will be best poised to contribute to the common good of the Fraternity. These dedicated brothers will have an outsize influence far beyond their years in the Fraternity. Brothers that are passionate about Theta Xi and its values will recruit more men that share those values, and so on. A virtuous cycle is created. 

Towards that end, we set to work in partnership with the UW Foundation to establish an endowment for the Upsilon Chapter of Theta Xi. Together with the Alumni Club we have officially established the “Theta Xi Franklin Scholarship Fund”. This Scholarship will be available to all incoming freshmen men entering UW, and will be awarded based on exemplary commitment to their community and academic progress. Students who apply to this Scholarship will be those that we are seeking to recruit, and therefore we will be able to meet a wider variety of people. This Scholarship ensures that the men that are interested in joining Theta Xi are motivated individuals that will make the same life-long commitment to the Fraternity that you have. 

We hope that you will join us in establishing this scholarship and creating a living legacy for Upsilon Chapter! 

Thank you for supporting our chapter!